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Armored Core

Camera View

  • You can switch to a fixed camera angle by pressing Circle + X + Start.

    Change Background

  • To change the background on all menus, first make a design in the "Edit Emblem" screen when you are done hold L1+R1+SELECT. Now you design is the background.

    Change Pilot Name

  • First of all you need to enter into your "garage". Then, highlight the "change AC name" option and hold L2+R2 and then press and hold square for about a second then tap X. If it works the box will say change Pilot name instead of change Ac name (this is excellent if you are using the Human Plus enhancements because raven's nest changes your name when they "plus" you). Now you have a personalized name instead of "rebel"!

    Firing The Lazerblade

  • You can fire a beam of light from your lazerblade. To do this, press CIRCLE to use the lazerblade, then as the arm comes down hit X. It has no lock so you really need to have good aim. If done correctly it will fire a cresent shaped beam.

    First-Person View

  • To switch to first-person view, press Triangle + Square + Start at the same time then unpause the game. To return to third-person view, just pause the game then unpause it.

    Human Plus Enhancements

  • Start a new game, and fail all the missions you play until you are below -50,000 credits in debt. An FMV will be played, and you will start the game over with a clean slate. Doing this gives you special abilities, the first time it gives you a grid radar, the fourth time it gives you the ability to fire back weapons with huminiod legs while standing. The sixth gives you 2x energy for boosting, and weapons.

    Secret Item Locations

  • Here's the location of the Secret Items.

    Item Location
    1. Destroy plus escapee: On a ledge of the building about 3 levels down.
    2. Guard wharf warehouse: Turn around at the start and steal the radar you are guarding.
    3. Destroy fuel depot: In the 2nd room on the shelf at the back, destroy the fuel canisters, then go up there and search the rear corner.
    4. Retake air cleaner: Inside a grate on the ceiling.
    5. Kill struggle leader: At the bottom of the area where the floor explodes, search the rear of the floor of the chasm.
    6. Exterminate organisms: Search the rear of the queen's chamber.
    7. Guard freight train: Destroy one of the boxes at the loading area.
    8. Destroy intruders: In a niche under the topmost bridge.
    9. Guard factory entrance: In a "RED" corner of the map.
    10. Secret factory recon: In a "RED" corner of the map.
    11. Eliminate strikers: At the start, turn around and destroy one of the armored cars.

    Unlimited EP, Leg WP, And Core WP

  • Once you finish 100 sorties the game will automatically give you unlimited leg weight points, core weight points, and generator output points if you have a win/failure record of at least 90% and an overall rating of 98%. This means you can equip your AC with anything you can afford.

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