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Breath Of Fire III

Lightning Dragon Gene

  • To get this gene there is a place NW of the Port City where ZIG, SHADIS, etc. live. It looks like a cabin. Enter it and go on the beach of that place. If you swivel the camera left a bit, you will see another Chrysm which holds the Lightning gene.

    Other Dragon Genes

  • After the part where Sunder and that other dude chase you and Nina, and you and Nina jump off the cliff, leave that place and when you come to the map again, go left and you will see a question mark when you go left (I don't know how far), press X and you will go in to a place that has a Dragon Gene.

    There is another Dragon Gene in the crash site of Momo's Father's Escape Rocket, when you all crash, go right and behind the tree is a Dragon Gene.

    The Magic Master (Mygus)

  • After you have gone a while through the game, go north of the town of McNeil and you will see a tree stump on the map (a question mark will show.) Enter it and go up and you will see and old man, talk to him. Whichever character that is apprenticed with him will gain more INT and AP, but gain a little less Attack Power and Defense during level-ups.

    The Master D'lonzo

  • Near Windia, there is a coffee shop. Go behind it and there should be a girl walking around. You need 15 different kinds of weapons to get her.

    The Master Emitai

  • After you get older, you can get Emitai as one of your Masters. ( Emitai is the leader of the second team you fight in the Tournament of Champions) After you get older, you go near Ogre Road and there in a path that you go to on your north. There is a hut. Talk to Emitai and he will tell you that if you pay him 10,000 zenny for his mortgage, he will teach you some of his spells.

    The Secret Master

  • After you go to Windia the second time, there is a master. The way to get to him is: See the walls surrounding Windia, there is a pathway beetween the walls (just a tiny incy wincy south), continue to go through this way and you will enter a little house. In this house is a Master.

    The Strength Master (Bunyan)

  • After you get farther in the game, go back to Bunyan's Cabin to make him a master for one of your characters. Any character apprenticed to Bunyan will gain more Attack Power and Defence, and a little less Intellegence and HP when gaining a level.


  • While walking around towns and such you can steal a few zenny's here and there. Give the people a wack with your sword and they will pop out. Usually about 4 to 6 each time. This will even work on dogs and other animals.

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