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Destruction Derby

View The Programming Team

  • While the game is loading wait for the screen with the piracy warning then press and hold L1 + LEFT + Circle. Now when the "Reflections" team logo appears, you will see a group portrait of the programming team members.

    Choose Number Of Cars In A Race

  • When instructed to enter your name, enter NPLAYERS.

    Extra Track

  • Go into the championship mode. When it comes time to enter your name, enter the word, "REFLECT!" Start a race, then exit the race. Go to Single Race option and you will now notice a new track. This track can only be raced in Single race mode.

    Take No Damage

  • When instructed to enter your name, enter !DAMAGE!.


  • For an advantage, enter your name as "DERBYMAN". Most of the other cars will start out smoking.

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