Gex: Enter The Gecko

All Remotes

  • Enter this password for all remotes collected:

    square,O,R1,triangle,L1, R1,L1,R1,O,O,R1, triangle,L1,R1,O,L1,triangle, O,R1,triangle,L1,R1,O, L1,triangle,O,R1,L1

    Bonus Ending

  • Here's a password for anybody who is tired of trying to get all the remotes but wants to see the bonus ending. Just type in the following password at the "password" screen. ([]- square)


    Cheat Codes

  • During gameplay, "Pause" the game, hold L2 or R2 while entering cheat:
         Infinite lives = UNDEAD 
              Invulnerability = WEASEL 
              One Liners = ALOUD (Press SELECT during gameplay) 
              Rambling GEX = SENSELESS 
              Level Timer = EARWAX (On Main Map, Press Select for level stats, press Square for best times) 
                                                     CODES KEY: 
                                                  Up on D-pad = U or N
                                                DOWN on D-pad = D or S
                                                 LEFT on D-pad = L or W
                                                 RIGHT on D-pad = R or E
                                                  TRIANGLE Button = A
                                                   CIRCLE Button = O
                                                     X Button = X

    Secret Website

  • In the level "" can be found a bonus cube that reveals a secret website address for codes. The address is There you'll find codes, and a desktop theme for Windows 95 users.

    Kody's PlayStation Codes