MLB '98

Automatic Homeruns

  • In any game, pick the Arizona Diamonbacks or the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. When Mark Meenahan or Scott Murray is batting, they will always hit a home run.

    Easier Homeruns

  • When you are up at bat the best way to hit a home run is to hold up and left buttons, hold these buttons after you hit the ball. This will make the ball fly passed the left fielder. NOTE: The left fielder may catch the ball.

    Free Out

  • When you are in the field and the other team has a runner on first or second, give the ball to the catcher. Then move the catcher slightly to the left of home plate, this will make the pitcher come to cover home. Now, this will take a little practice, but throw the ball to home and then run the pitcher to the left and throw it home, try to throw the ball slighty before the player is ready, and eventually you will miss it and it will go flying towards the backstop. Their runner will begin running and you can chase down the ball and throw him out. (This works better if the runner is on second because it is a shorter distance for the catcher to throw.)

    Infinite Homeruns

  • For infinate homeruns go to CREATE A PLAYER. Make him 60 inches tall, small built, and all his abilities down to zero.

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