Mortal Kombat 4

Alternate Costumes

  • To get alternate costumes, first go to the character select screen. Go to the character you want to select but before selecting him, hold START and press the BLOCK button. When the Ying Yang symbol starts spinning, wait until a voice says "Excellent!" or something comes out. That means you have the second color.

    To get the third costume, do it again and the ying yang will spin again but this time you'll have the third color costume. Example: Scorpion, Red Scorpion, Unmasked Gray Scorpion.

    Alternate Weapons

  • Enter any character's costume change code twice, and pick that character. That character and any other character you pick will have a different weapon. Examples: 1) Jax gets Shinnok's Staff, 2) Sonya gets Kai's Knife, and 3) Reiko gets Rayden's Mallet.

    Beat Shinnok Easily

  • At the beginning of the fight, jumpkick Shinnok away from the skull. Now throw the skull (to throw the skull press Down+Run when you are standing on top of it) at Shinnok and keep doing it until he is defeated. The skull takes away more energy than any regular hit so make sure he doesn't throw it at you first.

    Goro's Bio

  • To view Goro's bio, go to the "Kombat Theatre mode", highlight the EXIT icon and press L1.

    Kombat Kodes

  • Below are some Kombat Kodes...

         Kombat Kodes
         123 123 - One-Hit Win
         012 012 - Noob Saibot Mode
         020 020 - Red Rain (do on the Rain stage)
         050 050 - Explosive Kombat
         002 002 - Weapon drawn and can't be knocked out of your hands
         100 100 - Disable throws
         010 010 - Disable Max Damage
         110 110 - No Throw/ Disable Max Damage
         111 111 - Free Weapon (Random weapon falls)
         222 222 - Start With Random Weapon
         333 333 - Randper Kombat
         444 444 - Start With Weapons Drawn
         555 555 - Many Weapons
         666 666 - Silent Kombat
         321 321 - Big Heads
         Stage Select
         011 011 - Goro's Lair (Spike Pit)
         022 022 - The Well (Scorpion's Stage)
         033 033 - Elder God's (Blue Face)
         044 044 - The Tomb Stage
         055 055 - The Rain Stage
         066 066 - Snake Stage
         101 101 - Shaolin Temple
         202 202 - Living Forest
         303 303 - Prison (Fan Stage)
         313 313 - Ice Pit

    New Weapon For Kai

  • Beat the game with Kai. Watch his ending and Raiden will give him the lighting staff. Watch the credits and play the game as Kai again. When you use his weapon it will now be the staff.

    Noob Saibots Boxer/Reeper Costume

  • Noob Saibot has an alternate costume that sort of a boxer crossed with the Grim Reaper. First, select Hidden on the choose your character screen.Second, move your select box to Reiko. Then, hold start and press block. Finally, press Run+Block to select Noob. You should now have one wacky costume.

    Noob's Other Costumes

  • To get Noob's other costumes you must flip Reiko's icon BEFORE doing the part of the code by pressing and holding Run and Block and stuff like that.

    One flip of Reiko's icon will give you an unmasked, no ninja suit, but still black Noob.

    Two flips will give you a lighter shade of black.

    Three flips will give you a white hooded one.

    All of Noob's costumes use the sickle weapon.

    Play As Goro

  • After defeating the game as Shinnok, start a two player game and select the "Hidden" icon then go up 3 and left 1,(It will be on Shinnok) then press Block + Run to select Goro.

         Move List:
         Two-Handed Punch-F,F+HP
         Ground Pound-B,F,D,D+HK
         Hard Uppercut-D,D+HP
         Chest Kick-B,B+HK

    Play As Meat

  • In order to play as the character MEAT you must go to "GROUP MODE" which can only be played in a two player mode. Play every character in the game (16 in all) and make sure you win every time. After you play and win with the final character you can pick anyone, your character will then be MEAT. He will have all the moves of the character you selected but he will look ALOT different!

    Play As Noob Sailbot

  • First beat the game with Reiko. Then enter the code for Noob Sailbot Mode (012-012) at the VS Screen. Then either one can win. Then select Hidden with the Run button then hold it. Move up 2 times the over one so your on Reiko. Then press Block.

         Move List:
         Fireball- D,F+LP(can be done in air)
         Weapon Draw- F,F+HK
         Fan Pit Fatality- D,B,B+HK
         Goro Pit- F,D,F+HK