NCAA Football '99

Announce Real Names

  • Although college players can't have their names in a video game because of NCAA regulations, that doesn't stop the player from naming them. Go to roster management and name the players from your favorite team with the names of the actual players. During a game, where the announcer would normally say the number of the player, he will say the players last name. For example, on UCLA, name QB #18 "C. MCNOWN", then play a game and rush with the quarterback. The announcer will say, "Run by McNown for a gain of..."

    Bonus Teams In Exhibition Games

  • To access more teams in Exhibition mode enter these passwords at the USER PROFILE screen. You will hear "Its in the game" if entered correctly. You can also access the secret stadiums with any of these passwords.

                                             AJNADS       1973 Alabama
                                             DDPELOP      1978 Alabama
                                             GCRHIUSC     1989 Alabama
                                             CJOEOR       1992 Alabama
                                             BDAORN       1989 Colorado
                                             OMJIER       1996 Florida
                                             JROONB       1993 Florida State
                                             GRUSBL       1996 Florida State
                                             ISTME        1982 Georgia
                                             MDAADND      1983 Miami
                                             HMOEL        1986 Miami
                                             JDALCK       1987 Miami
                                             NJOH         1989 Miami
                                             VSAEN        1991 Miami
                                             SICAH        1992 Miami
                                             LEDIWS       1994 Miami
                                             WRIFA        1965 Michigan State
                                             MFAEN        1991 Michigan
                                             SJCOH        1983 Nebraska
                                             TEWGT        1991 Nebraska
                                             HEREWG       1993 Nebraska
                                             SDWA         1994 Nebraska
                                             CGEO         1973 Notre Dame
                                             CSH          1988 Notre Dame
                                             DAMYNO       1989 Notre Dame
                                             POEWRO       1968 Ohio State
                                             RJOTNH       1979 Ohio State
                                             ZULU1        1985 Oklahoma
                                             TANDGWO      1987 Oklahoma
                                             SDAIL        1994 Oregon
                                             SFAEYT       1978 Penn State
                                             SJOI         1982 Penn State
                                             GNAMS        1985 Penn State
                                             REERM        1986 Penn State
                                             OLUTP        1994 Penn State
                                             ITAGM        1965 UCLA
                                             QSULI        1968 USC
                                             HSBE         1979 USC
                                             TJUO         1991 Washington
                                             GHEOMO       1988 West Virginia
                                             DPUAT        1985 Alabama
                                             CLICK        1975 Arizona State
                                             JGOBE        1969 Arkansas
                                             CURLHB       1946 Army
                                             VSAG         1985 Auburn
                                             DWOUC        1984 Boston College
                                             PZKPI        1981 Clemson
                                             OPLTO        1976 Georgia
                                             BJRAO        1959 LSU
                                             FERT         1984 Miami
                                             PSAPM        1973 Michigan
                                             PWARSS       1997 Michigan
                                             SWEEPRT      1966 Michigan State
                                             KEORH        1982 Stanford
                                             DOEFL        1971 Nebraska
                                             FIRELT       1975 Nebraska
                                             QAULI        1997 Nebraska
                                             SEDEF        1981 North Carolina
                                             FOLTA        1946 Notre Dame
                                             KPEAL        1957 Notre Dame
                                             PSAON        1966 Notre Dame
                                             JDEMI        1974 Notre Dame
                                             CAUSE        1970 Ohio State
                                             MDAVI        1973 Ohio State
                                             SLANTG       1957 Oklahoma
                                             ITGSIN       1971 Oklahoma
                                             ZAIDE        1956 Mississippi
                                             MIDJ         1976 Pittsburgh
                                             BSUGUS       1970 Stanford
                                             MAERUN       1997 Tennessee
                                             CHELT        1982 California
                                             RTACE        1969 Texas
                                             WSATL        1967 UCLA
                                             GQ           1988 UCLA
                                             YBUE         1962 USC
                                             DTYX         1967 USC
                                             HCOHT        1974 USC
                                             XLL          1988 USC
                                             TMERIG       1997 Washington State
                                             XXL          1962 Wisconsin
                                             ...and also...
                                             EAFLOR       Tiburon
                                             TBHOERG      EA Sports

    Endzone Celebrations

  • When you score a touchdown, press and hold L1+L2 with any of the following:

                                             R1        Spin the ball
                                             Triangle  Back flip
                                             Square    Hulk pose
                                             X         Heisman walk
                                             Circle    Spike the ball

    Great Defense

  • For a great defense always use field goal block for your play. Use the middle linebacker to blast through the line. You may sometimes give up a 20 to 30 yard pass play, but you will eventually force a punt or a turnover.

    Hidden Stadiums

  • Go to the STADIUM SELECT screen in EXHIBITION MODE. Hold L2 + R2 to make the stadium select screen scroll real fast. When the scrolling stops, check at the bottom for the new stadiums. If they are not there, then repeat this process a few more times. Scroll to the bottom of the stadium list again. The new stadiums should be there. Keep repeating the process until they are.

    Random Stadium Selection

  • To choose a stadium at random, hold L2 and R2 at the STADIUM SELECT screen.

    View Opponent's Selections

  • To view the computer's picks, go to user profiles and enter the name "Free Cam".