NCAA GameBreaker

All Star Teams

  • To play as with the All Star teams, call up the Easter Egg menu, then enter one of these codes:

    Code            Team
    ALA All Stars   Alabama all time team
    EMU All Stars   Eastern Michigan all time team
    GB All Stars    GameBreaker all time team
    Mich All Stars  Michigan all time team
    ND All Stars    Notre Dame all time team
    Neb All Stars   Nebraska all time team
    OSU All Stars   Ohio state all time team
    USC All Stars   Southern Cal all time team

    Easter Eggs

  • For access to the Easter Egg menu, press L1, R1, L2, R2 at the main menu. The following options will become available:

    Code            Effect
    Big Arm         The QB has a stronger arm
    Little Arm      The QB has a weaker arm
    Cannon          The QB has best arm possible
    Big Foot        Kicker has stronger leg
    Little Foot     Kicker has a weaker leg
    Thunder Foot    Kicker has strongest leg possible
    Helium          Hangtime is better on kicks
    Blocking Up     Offense blocks better
    Blocking Down   Offense blocks are not as good
    Hands           The WR will catch more drop less
    Long Dives      Players dive farther
    Jukes           The players cut quicker
    Flash           The players run faster
    Circus Flip     Jumping reciever flips more
    Tackles         Tackling is better
    Rock Em         Harder hits
    Interceptions   More interceptions occur
    Fumbles         More fumbles occur
    Swim Up         Easier to swim around someone
    Swim Down       Harder to swim around someone
    Tight Cover     Coverage is better
    Loose Cover     Coverage is worse
    Giants          Players are bigger
    Midgets         Players are smaller
    Big Ref         The ref is bigger
    Big GB          The GameBreakers are bigger
    Tiny GB         The GameBreakers are smaller
    Healthy         The players are never hurt
    Slow CPU        Computer is slower
    Amazons         Cheerleaders are bigger
    Lights Out      Dark stadium (only night games)
    Fast Clock      Clock runs faster
    Slow Clock      Clock runs slower
    Politics        No fouls on home team
    Super Stiff     Better stiff arm
    Tasmanian       Better spin move
    Credits         Show credits
    Injuries Up     Increase the number of injuries
    Dark Storm      When you win you actually lose
    Hurricane       Rains harder
    Blizzard        Snows harder
    Tornado         Wind blows harder
    Platinum        Platinum colored players
    Gold            Gold colored players
    Silver          Silver colored players
    Copper          Copper colored players
    White Knights   White colored players
    Phantoms        Black colored players

    Kody's PlayStation Codes