NFL Blitz

Secret Codes

  • At the matchup screen, press Turbo (for the first number), Jump (for the second number), and Pass (for the third number) the indicated amount of times below to activate the corresponding cheat effect.

                                Code: What It Does 
                                0-0-1 Down: Show field goal percentage 
                                0-1-2 Down: No CPU assist 
                                0-3-0 Down: Fog on 
                                2-3-2 Down: Ground fog on 
                                0-4-1 Down: Thick fog 
                                3-1-4 Down: Computer almost unbeatable 
                                4-2-3 Down: No random fumbles (Note: The ball still can be
                                fumbled by doing a spin or jump move.) 
                                2-0-3 Right: Big heads 
                                0-5-0 Down: Big football 
                                1-4-1 Right: Big players 
                                3-1-0 Right: Small players 
                                0-4-0 Up: Huge heads 
                                2-5-0 Left: Bullet passes 
                                1-0-2 Right: Hide name 
                                0-5-0 Down: Large ball 
                                4-0-4 Left: Speed mode 
                                3-1-2 Left: Power blockers 
                                4-2-1 Up: Power defense 
                                0-4-1 Down: Fog mode 
                                3-1-0 Right: Small players 
                                5-1-4 Up: Unlimited turbo
                                1-1-5 Left: Random players 
                                3-4-2 Left: Super QB's 
                                0-4-5 Up: Super blitzing 
                                2-5-0 Left: Bullet passes 
                                2-1-1 Left: Step out of bounds 
                                5-1-4 Up: Unlimited turbo 
                                2-3-3 Up: Powered-up team 
                                3-1-2 Left: Powered-up blockers 
                                4-2-1 Up: Powered-up defense 
                                1-2-3 Left: Powered-up FG's 
                                0-2-1 Right: Show more field 
                                2-1-0 Up: No first downs 
                                1-0-2 Right: Hide name 
                                4-0-4 Left: Speed mode 
                                2-0-3 Right: Big heads 

    Secret Players

  • Enter one of the following names and PIN numbers at the "Enter Name" prompt screen to play as the corresponding player:

                                Name       PIN      Hidden Player 
                                Mike       3333     Mike Lynch 
                                Gentil     1111     Jim Gentile 
                                Brain      1111     Brain 
                                Forden     1111     Dan Forden
                                Skull      1111     Skull 
                                Carltn     1111     Headless Guy
                                Shinok     8337     Shinok (from Mortal Kombat)
                                Raiden     3691     Raiden (from Mortal Kombat) 
                                Thug       1111     ?????? 
                                Van        1234     ?????? 
                                Turmell    0322     Mark Turmell
                                Sal        0201     Sal Divita 
                                Jason      3141     Jason Skiles 
                                Jenifr     3333     Jennifer Hedrick 
                                Daniel     0604     Dan Thompson 
                                Japple     6660     Jeff Johnson 
                                Root       6000     John Root 
                                Luis       3333     Luis Mangubat