NFL Gameday

Easter Eggs

  • To enter these passwords, press Select at the Main Menu to access the Memory Card Screen. From here, press Select again to enter the password screen.

    URNOTREDE      Extremely difficult one-player game
         OFFENSE        Strong offensive line
         DEFENSE        Strong defensive line
         JUICE          Ultra fast turbo (press X while running)
         STICKUM        Helps you hold on to the ball once you catch it
         BIG.BOYS       Makes the players larger than ever!
         CANNON.ARM     Quarterbacks throw bullet passes
         STEROIDS       Makes your players stronger
         CRUNCH.TIME    Sends players flying when hit
         PICK.CITY      Interceptions happen more
         SKELETON       Play as skeletons
         MAYHEM         Increased injuries

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  • To view all winning and losing screens, reset the Playstation and hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2.

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