NHL '98

Cheat Codes

  • Enter these codes at the password screen. 
         Code      Effect
         STANLEY   View winning movie
         GIPTEA    Easy win vs. team England
         NHLKIDS   Players and goalies are tiny
         PLAYTIME  Tiny players with normal heads
                   and large goalies with huge heads.
         BIGBIG    All the players are huge.
         BRAINY    Players have big heads.
         EAEAO     Activates the EA Blades team.
         3RD       Selects a team's 3rd jersey if
                   they have one.
         FREEEA    Adds game developers to the free agent list.
         MASKDMAN  Wear team's third jersey if they have one.

    Easy 5:00 Power Play

  • To get an easy 5:00 minute power play you need to be in a fight. Let your opponent beat you up, it's important that you don't press any buttons and the referee will call a 5:00 minute major on them and nothing on you. It works every time.

    Pull Computer's Goalie

  • At any time during regular play, hit START them select Controllers, switch the controller to the other team. Return to the menu, go to Goalie and select PULL. Press START to go back to the game then hit START, select Controllers again, and switch the controller back to your original team. When you resume play the computer's goalie will be gone giving you free access to the goal!

    Super Players

  • To get super players create a player and enter any of the names from the credits list in the back of the instruction manual.

    Kody's PlayStation Codes