NHL Breakaway '98

Alternate Uniforms

  • After hitting Start Game on the setup screen, Right + Square until the rink comes up. This only works for visiting teams with third jerseys (Anaheim, Boston, Chicago, Tampa Bay, Rangers.)

    Cheat Menus

  • While playing, pause the game and press R1, R2, Right, Left, R1 to access two cheat menus.

    Random Team Select

  • To select a team at random, press L1+L2+R1+R2 simultaneously.

    Rename Teams

  • These codes don't actually give you an extra team. Instead, they change the name, logo, jersey, and stadium of the team that is currently hilighted:

         Team                    Code
         NY Americans            R1, L2, Circle
         Vancouver Millionairs   R2, L2, Circle
         Seattle Metropolitans   L2, R2, Square
         Hamilton Tigers         L1, R2, Square
         Montreal Maroons        L1, R1, Square
         Portland Rosebuds       L2, R2, Square
         Kansas City             R2, R2, Square
         Cleveland Barons        R1, R1, R1, Circle
         Toronto St. Pats        L1, L1, L1, Circle
         Oakland Golden Seals    L2, L2, L2, Circle

    Kody's PlayStation Codes