NHL Face Off '98

Alternate Jerseys For The New York Rangers

  • This only works if the New York Rangers are the away team. After the controller selection screen appears, press and hold Square+Right.

    Bonus Players

  • With this trick you can add any of the game's developers to your team. Since they're programmer's they cheat and have perfect stats! To recruit these top performers, go to the CREATE PLAYER screen and enter one of the following names:

    Raja Altenhoff
    Tom Braski
    Craig Broadbooks
    Josh Hassin
    Tawn Kramer
    Alan Scales
    Steve Braski
    Dave Brickhill
    John Rehling
    Kelly Ryan
    Jody Kelsey
    Chris Whaley
    Peter Dille
    Craig Ostrander

    Don't change any of the attributes. After you are done with the name press Triangle. Then go to sign free agents and your player's overall value will be 99!

    Easier Goals

  • When playing, instead of shooting slapshots all the time, use a wrist shot once in a while. If you're close to the net, about 75% of accurate wrist shots will score!

    Kody's PlayStation Codes