Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

Additional Costumes

  • After the Boutique Key has been acquired, three additional outfits may be earned by finishing the game at Hard difficulty. (The costumes are: biker’s garb, a disco outfit, and a police uniform.)

    Your final grade determines how quickly you acquire new clothes. An “A” unlocks all three. A “B” unlocks two. While a passing grade (“C”) unlocks one.

    Boutique Key

  • To acquire the Boutique Key, which unlocks the Boutique in Uptown, finish the game in less than 7 hours using no more than 30 Ink Ribbons.

    (Note: Within the Boutique are two outfits: Jill’s costume from the original Resident Evil and Regina’s costume from Dino Crisis.)


  • To unlock one of eight character biographies, complete the game at Hard difficulty. (Note: Your final grade will determine which epilogue is unlocked.)

    Fighting the Nemesis

  • Each time Nemesis is defeated, he will drop a special item.

    Confrontation    Item
    1st              EAGLE Parts A
    2nd              EAGLE Parts B
    3rd              First Aid Spray Box
    4th              BENELLI M3S Parts A
    5th              BENELLI M3S Parts B
    6th              First Aid Spray Box
    7th              Unlimited ammunition Pack

    Get Jill's Bonus Diary

  • To get Jill's diary, you must collect all the files in order, semi-hard, but its worth it!

    Mixing Gun Powder

  • (Note: Additional mixing instructions are found within the game file on mixing.)

    66 Handgun bullets * -- Gun Powder BBA 
    55 Handgun bullets * -- Gun Powder AAA 
    40 Shotgun shells -- Gun Powder AAB 
    35 Handgun bullets -- Gun Powder AA 
    30 Shotgun shells -- Gun Powder BBB 
    24 Magnum rounds -- Gun Powder CCC 
    18 Shotgun shells -- Gun Powder BB 
    15 Handgun bullets -- Gun Powder A 
    10 Acid rounds -- Gun Powder BC 
    10 Cold rounds -- Gun Powder CC 
    10 Fire rounds -- Gun Powder AC 
    10 Grenade rounds -- Gun Powder C (mix A with B) 
    7 Shot Gun Shells -- Gun Powder B 

    * Concocting large amounts of Handgun ammo wastes time, which affects your final grade.

    Things Change

  • One of the coolest (or most frustrating) features of RE3 is that not everything remains the same each time you play it. The computer in the lobby of the Police Station generates a random four-digit password each day. Likewise, Gun Power is randomly placed.

    The Mercenaries: Operation Mad Jackal

  • To unlock “The Mercenaries” mini-game, complete the game at any difficulty.

    The object of the mini-game is to get from the Trolley to the starting point in Uptown within a limited amount of time. Additional time is awarded for killing monsters (and rescuing) people along the way.

    Monster   Time (in seconds)
    Crow      1
    Hunter    6
    Nemesis   10
    People    20
    Spider    5 
    Zombie    3

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