San Francisco Rush

Alternate Color

  • To change your vehicles color, press SQUARE on the car select screen.

    Bonus Cars

  • To earn the bonus cars, perform the following actions.

    Muscle Car: find 4 keys in any track; press down at gear selection screen.

    Hot Rod (Rocket Car): find 8 more keys in the other tracks; press down at the gear selection screen.

    City Bus: find all 16 keys; press down at gear selection screen.

    Police Car: finish 1 player GP Mode; press down at gear selection screen.

    Taxi Cab: finish 1 player Circut mode; press down at gear selection screen.

    Bonus Cars Without Earning Them

  • After selecting your vehicle, hold L1 until the race begins for a miniature truck, hold R1 for a Buggy, hold TRIANGLE for a UFO, or press DOWN on the Transmission screen for a taxi. For more choices, press CIRCLE on the car selection screen.

    Race In Reverse

  • To earn the Forward/Reverse option you must win in circuit mode.

    Short Cuts

  • Below are the shortcuts....

    On Track 1:
    After going through the tunnel, go throught the fence to the left. After going through the city bear to the left shoulder. Right after the finish line go into the grass and go through the little tunnel.

    On Track 2:
    Go through the little tunnel to the left near the beginning. Instead of going right, go left off the ramp. Go under the truck to get the key.

    On track 3:
    In the beginning, go straight through the building. After the big jump, go over the little one and go left (key). After the long stretch of road keep going straight.

    On track 4:
    To avoid the sharp turn, after going down the ramp, go right off the ramp. Go left on the fork, and then go left through the tunnel.

    Stunt Race

  • To enable stunt race, win circuit mode. After you have won circuit mode, go back to a regular game. Scroll to the weather settings until you see stunt race. Now you can play stunt race mode. Note that this only works with track 1.

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