Test Drive Off-road

Bonus Cars

  • To use these vehicles, enter the code below as your name. If it worked, the announcer will say the name of the car.

    Code        Vehicle
    Beefy       Monster Truck
    Fifty       Hot Rod
    Sprinter    4X4 Buggy
    Lowrider    Stock Car

    Bonus Tracks

  • To race on these tracks, enter one of the codes below as your name.

    Code      Track
    FRIENDLY  Dirt Dash
    SANDDUNE  Pharaoh's Curse
    CRAZY     Sand Trap
    ELITE     Under Construction
    SNOWMAN   Snowball Express
    ALLTRACK  Pipeline Way

    From CloverMar@aol.com

  •      I got cheats for Test Drive 4: type SAUSAGE at the High score list
    for 4
    Xtra cars.Type KNACKED for reverse tracks. WHOOOOSH for nitro (use O to
    it).MJCIM.RC for mini cars (it awesome).

    Kody's PlayStation Codes