Bonus Weapons

  • Start a new game, when the pigs are dancing (loading screen) enter this code: hold R1 and Select Right, Left, Down, X, Circle, start. When its done loading, push START to see the new weapons.

    Choose Tomba's Hair Color

  • At the options menu screen, hold R1, L1, Select, and Square. While doing this press Left, Down, Right, Up, Up, Right, Down, Left.

    Free Fruits

  • Low on health? No prob. The accordion-like bushes give you a fruit if you wack them with the Grapplejack(obtained late in the game from Mizuno, the cute witch in the Village Of All Beginnings, who lives in the first house.)

    Recover Health

  • If you are low on health in the game, go to a sign post and save your game. Now hit start and choose load. Load the game you just saved and you'll be back to full health!