Twisted Metal

Car List

  • For a list of cars that are left to destroy, hold X and press START.

    Change Camera Angle

  • For different camera views, hold UP or DOWN and press START.

    Cheat Codes

  • For some special options, try these passwords.

    Effect            Password
    Helicopter View   Circle, Circle, Triangle, X
    Unlimited Ammo    Triangle, Space, Square, Circle, Circle
    Invincibility     Square, Triangle, X, Space, Circle

    Free Health

  • On the freeway stage, go forward through the first turn. You should see a car on the left side of the road. Blow it up with your machine guns, then drive onto the gray spot where the car was. Wait a few seconds, and you should have full health.


  • Here are all the passwords:

    Level          Password
    Warehouse      Circle, Triangle, Square, Circle, Circle
    Freeway        X, Square, Square, Circle, Triangle
    Park           X, Triangle, Square, Circle, Square
    Cyburbia       X, Square, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle
    Rooftop        Square, Triangle, X, Circle, X
    Final Battle   Triangle, X, O, Square, Triangle
    Secret Level   Square, Triangle, Circle, Square, Square

    Rear View Mirror

  • Hold RIGHT on the D-PAD and press START, for a rear view mirror.

    Rooftop Cheat

  • On the rooftops go to any ramp (like the one you start out facing) not the small ones. Next lay four or five jumpers (catapults) on the ramp, back up, and turbo into them. This should boost your speed to about 1000 mph. If you fly off the buildings at this speed you can drive around outside of the city.

    Note: Once you've left the city you can't re-enter it. If you do so you'll blow up.

    Secret Stage

  • To get to the secret level, defeat the game in Hard mode, then blow up the glass pyramid on the Rooftop stage.

    To enter the pyramid without blowing it up, line your self up with the pyramid, then turn your back to it. Now back up and hold turbo the whole time. You should fly into the pyramid without breaking the glass.

    Kody's PlayStation Codes