Twisted Metal 2

Advanced Attacks

  • For information on using these attacks, see page 8 of your manual.

    Attack         Code
    Cloak          Right, Down, Left, Up
    Freeze Blast   Left, Right, Up
    Rear Freeze    Left, Right, Down, Left, Right, Up
    Jump           Up, Up, Left
    Mine           Right, Left, Down
    Napalm         Right, Left, Up
    Rear Attack    Left, Right, Down
    Shield         Up, Up, Right
    Minion Attack  Up, Down, Up, Up, Machine Gun

    Note: Minion's Attack can be used by any vehicle.

    Blow Up The Bridges In Moscow

  • Place and detonate a Remote in the very middle of the arena on the purple and green pad. The four bridges will blow-up and weapons will appear after the bridges have disappeared.

    Blow Up The Eiffel Tower

  • In Paris, lay a remote bomb on top of the Eiffel Tower. When you blow it up, it will fall over a form a bridge to the rooftops.

    For best results, wait for someone to enter the tower before triggering the remote. If your timing is right they'll lose half their life.

    Blow Up The Hollywood Sign

  • When you start on the first stage drive down on the road and when you see the hollywood sign on the mountain shoot a couple of missiles at it until the words blow up.

    Bonus Tracks

  • These codes must be entered at the track selection screen for a two player challenge match. If you entered them correctly you will hear a loud noise and the Character Select screen will appear.

         Level         Code
         Jet Moto      Up, Down, Right, R1
         Rooftops      Down, Left, R1, Down
         Cyburbia      Down, Up, L1, R1

    Change Camera Angle

  • For a midair view, hold UP and press SELECT. For a helicopper view, hold UP and press SELECT again.

    Change Two-Player Layout

  • In any 2 player mode, Hold UP and press SELECT to change the layout. For example, if the screen is split vertically then entering this code will change it to a horizontal split.

    Destroy The "Lightning Tazer" In Moscow

  • In Moscow, you can destroy the "Lightning Tazer." All that you have to do is use a Napalm to shoot it as you jump from one bridge across to the other.

    Exchange Weapons For Life

  • To trade your weapons for extra life, press Down, Up, Right, Left, Up, Up, Down, Down while playing.

    Note: You must have enough power to perform this code as it will empty all your weapons. The more weapons you have, the more life you'll receive.

    Extra Energy

  • You can gain extra energy on any level where you can run over people. To do so, just run over 10 of the unfortunate victims.

    God Mode

  • While playing, hold scroll up/scroll down, fire weapon, and machine gun buttons and quickly press Up, Down, Left, Right, Right, Left, Down, Up.

    Homing Napalm

  • Obtain three Napalms. Shoot one off, but don't release the fire button. While holding the fire button, press Up, Down, Down, Left, Left, Left, Right, Right. If done correctly, you will receive 12+ napalm, and in 1-player mode you will see the words "Homing Napalm" at the top of the screen.

    Hong Kong Tip

  • In Hong Kong at the docks there are high fences with water behind them. Move against the fence at ground level. When a car approaches, move two car-lengths up and plant a mine. If you do it right, your opponent will fly over your head and fall into the water. He or she will instanly set on fire and be fried within three seconds.


  • While playing, hold the Scroll Up and Scroll Down buttons and quickly press Up, Down, Left, Right, Right, Left, Down, Up. Note: This code only works with the DEFAULT controller settings.

    Jump The Fence In L.A. Rumble

  • Get on top of the tunnel without the teleporter on it. Enter the God Mode code, then face the other tunnel and place a remote bomb at the edge of the tunnel. Now line up your car with the center of the long wooden panel on the near end of the other tunnel. Back up a little, detonate the bomb, and hit your turbos fast. If you did this trick right you'll jump the fence.

    Kill DarkTooth Easily

  • Make sure you have at least 10 remotes, it might be hard to kill the other bosses without remotes, but it's worth it. Next freeze DarkTooth, and get next to him but make sure he is frozen, then put on your shield, get your remotes and blow him up. It should take him out instantly. Normally it would take a while to blow all the remotes up, but with this code it takes 3 seconds to blow them all up

    Stronger Guns

  • While playing, hold the Machine Gun button and press Up, Down, Left, Right, Right, Left, Down, Up. Your machine gun now has the power of a missile.

    Change How The Statue Of Liberty Looks

  • On the New York level find the Statue of liberty and shoot a missile at her. An explosion will occur and she will become a blond in a swimsuit. Shoot a second missile at her and she will become deformed and blow up.

    No Radar

  • While playing, press Select and Left together to make the radar disappear.

    Play As Minion

  • Press L1, Up, Down, Left at the Car Selection screen.

    Play As Sweet Tooth

  • Press Up, L1, Triangle, Right at the Car Selection screen.

    Random Car Select

  • To choose a vehicle at random, press R1 on the car select screen.

    Rear View Mirror

  • While playing, press Select and Right together to show the rear view mirror.

    Shut Off A Code

  • To shut off a code while playing re-enter the code, and the code should be off.

    Subway Ride

  • You can recharge your health and specials with this trick. In Hong Kong, enter the subway tracks, then jump on the train and stay there. When you go up through an archway you should here a bang and see the message "Free Train Ride" at the top of the screen.

    Unlimited Ammo

  • While playing, hold the L2 + R2 and quickly press Up, Down, Left, Right, Right, Left, Down, Up.

    Note: This code only works with the DEFAULT controller settings

    Weapon List

  • While playing, press Select and Down together to have the weapon list display.

    Wheels Of Death

  • While playing, hold R1 and press UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, RIGHT, LEFT, DOWN, UP. Apparently this only works for Axel, but if you entered it, you can do more damage than a power missle just by barely tapping someone else.

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