X-Men vs. Street Fighter EX

Play As Akuma/Gouki

  • At the character selection screen, put the cursor on either Magneto, Juggernaut, Dhalsim or M. Bison then press Up and Gouki will appear.

    Play As Apocalypse

  • To play as Apocalypse, first you must beat the game in the hardest mode. Now in Vs. Mode, put the cursor on Akuma and hold Select for 5 seconds and then press any punch button to play as Apocalypse.

    Play As Chun-Li From Street Fighter Alpha

  • At the character selection screen, highlight Chun-li then press and hold SELECT for 5 seconds. Press any button to play as Chun-Li with her outfit from Street Fighter Alpha.

    Tag-Team In Vs. Mode

  • To enable tagging, go to the mode selection screen (where you choose Arcade Mode, Vs. etc.) and QUICKLY press Square, Square, Right, X, L1. If done correct the option screen will appear. From here you can change to original mode to enable tagging in Vs. Mode. Next, choose your characters and have your friend choose the same characters in reverse. For example, if you choose Ken then Ryu your opponent must choose Ryu and then Ken.